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         J-GEN 2014 - To Know The Love of Christ

    When you think of God the Father, what is your primary emotion?

             “He must be so disappointed in me..."

             “If only I measured up..."

    Often we feel unworthy of His love, striving ceaselessly and hopelessly to earn something that was never meant to be earned.

    The Apostle Paul prayed in Ephesians 3:19 that we might “KNOW the love of Christ that surpasses KNOWLEDGE..."

    How are we to know that which is unknowable? How can you know a love that is beyond knowing?

    Paul's hope was that we might EXPERIENCE the love of Christ to a degree that would surpass all our conceptual categories of love.  He prayed for us to KNOW, subjectively and experientially, the love of Christ that surpasses all objective knowledge.

    Join us at J-Gen this year as we seek to experience this love afresh, TO KNOW THE LOVE OF CHRIST together.


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